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A new design, now with a blog

Submitted by Andrej Galuf on 10.10.2015.

These last few years have lead to great many new adventures, experiences and revelations, both professionally and personally. For the past year or so, this website has been left almost unattended, as I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Now a team leader of web development at an international trading company, I was no longer seeking work as a freelancer, so most of its original purpose was gone. Instead I've decided to realign this website's goals, to share my experiences, tricks I've learned along the way and generally be a helpful hand to the open source community that has been so good to me for so long.

I've noticed a while ago that not everyone is thinking "responsive" quite yet. In fact, I found a huge pile of content that's still based on the old table-based layouts and from time to time I've stumbled upon ancient systems as old as a few decades. There are companies out there that fear a step forward due to high costs and astronomical work they would need to face in order to modernize - or so it appears at first glance.

Many of these companies do not even realize that the obsolete and user-unfriendly technology is costing them a lot of time and very real money - in some cases hundreds of thousands or even millions a year. Think about it - if you have to teach someone that earns 14€ an hour for a week, that's 14€ * 8 hours * 5 days = 560€ per employee that you've invested before he even began to contribute to your success. If you have 800 employees that need teaching, that's almost half a million euros invested because your system is obsolete. And that's not even considering the cost of the instructors, errors and hours lost because the system requires users to input data that should have been handled automatically.

For these reasons, I've decided that this website will now be dedicated both to developers facing challenging problems and to guide decision-makers towards the right choice for their particular needs.

I don't intend to focus on any particular area - there are others out there doing that perfectly fine. Instead, I want to examine real problems, be it PHP, Javascript or CMS related, that developers face every day and I want to offer examples of solutions so you won't have to go through similar painful rediscovery process.

Part of this update is intended for german-speaking lands where I want to show off the newest CSS and Javascript techniques, supported by at least 95% of browsers. I want to show what's already possible today without alienating clients or customers. I also want to demonstrate the power of the impressively flexible CMS Drupal in its eigth incarnation, which you will find tutorials of in a considerable part of this blog. The ultimate goal of the blog, however, is an attempt to answer the eternal question: How does it all benefit YOU?

Finally I want to give my visitors a view of the curious world of Drupal 8 and Symfony 2. In a few weeks, you will find a Code snippet library on this website where I will offer useful code snippets for your projects. And should you ever have a question, don't be shy - give me a buzz and we'll try to solve your problem together.

Thank you for your visit and see you in the next blog entry.