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Andrej Galuf

Hello there! So I guess you would like to know a bit more about me. Let me see - I am a Full Stack Developer from Slovenia, specialized in PHP and Drupal, in particular data migration and transfer, gathering and analysis.

Since 2014 I live and work in Germany. Between 2014 and 2016 I was the head of web development at the online trading company Primopet GmbH before embracing new challenges at usd AG and its security platforms.

I've had a thing for technology since childhood and I've always been curious about how it would influence humanity. My professional path took me into design where I discovered how a meaningful form can influence the user experience. However, I quickly realized that both traditional and web designers are often forgetting the purpose of design - to deliver a message or provide a helping hand for the user. I discovered that in the world of programmers and web developers the same was true - due to time constrains and project costs the focus would often be on completing the project as fast as possible, often delivering bare-bones applications to fulfill the minimum project requirements with lacking documentation, dangerous shortcuts and complete ignorance to any coding and security standards, regardless of the pain that would cause in the long run. To deal with that, I decided to expand my existing programming knowledge and make it my passion.

Web Development is what I do
My second greatest love - wife comes first of course :)

Through my work I seek to contribute to the modern web, free of shackles of the past where websites were merely documents for desktop devices and where users had to go through leaps and bounds even for simple tasks such as posting a comment (looking at you, Captcha!) or buying an item in a webshop. I would like to ensure that the users have the best experience possible, regardless of task and device and that the web is more than just a collection of pages, but a true app environment. The new, all-encompassing Internet should be an extension and a building block of our reality, a useful tool in the user's pocket.

This website is dedicated to that goal. Here you will find articles with hints, code snippets and more - and should you ever have a question or need help, just give me a buzz - we'll figure out a solution to your problem together.